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Friday, August 22, 2014

Another comfort quilt ready to deliver - - -

Many of you contributed blue and white 9 patch blocks to our Comfort Quilt stash. This week, we've learned of a local gal that could use a little quilt hug so, a stack of these blocks went home with a group of friends and this is the quilt they made. After binding, it will be ready to deliver.

We like to keep about 20 blocks in store for when there is a need. Often, the quicker we can provide comfort, the better. Our supply is now depleted so, we are asking for you to send in or drop of nine-patch blocks.

In the past, we have done black and cream, red and cream, brown and cream and blue and white as shown above. How about if we do pink and white this time?

Make as many as you like, using 3 1/2" cut squares - - 5 pink and 4 white. The block will be 9 1/2" (9" finished). Ask us if you need a pattern.

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