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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jackson's turn

Last weekend was Jackson's turn to come to Adel for a little vacay. He and "Nampa Frenck" were inseparable.

 Such animated observations come out of this little guy.

Grandpa actually convinced him to sit perfectly still long enough for blue jays to swoop in for a peanut.

While taking this picture, I was told by this almost 3 year old - - -  "Move, Memaw. We're trying to watch TV"

Memaw tried to balance out the idle TV time with a trip to the library, a little time spent at the Adel Water Park and lots of help in the kitchen and planting in the back yard. We had just two rules in the garden. #1 Don't step on the flowers and #2 Try not to hit Memaw in the head with the shovel -- -again. Such a fun weekend!

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