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Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Open Sew

As always, we had a great time at Open Sew this week. Below are a few of the projects coming to life.
This fun batik quilt was made by Sara D.

Wanda H. was working on these blocks and having fun with the secondary design they made.

Young Ms Madelyn was sewing strips together. These pieces will be cut in long 13" segments. Every other segment will be flipped over and sewn back together to make a kind of stair-step design.

Celia made this caddy for a granddaughter.  Then she stuffed it full of fingernail equipment including adorable stick on nails. This will be a lot of fun for a little girl.

Had to take this picture because it is rare. Celia is doing hand stitching!!! She normally avoids it like the plague. 

Nancy J was working on these block of the month blocks. The background is actually the carpet so, don't let that throw off the design!

Nancy also shared this quilt made from her church supply of scraps. Quilts made by her church group are donated as comfort quilts. Some unusual combinations make some pretty special quilts.

I worked on our next Strip Club quilt. This will probably start in February. I have about half of the rows done here and there is also a stripy border to make it a full sized quilt. We will have this available in Kansas Troubles fabrics, Grey and Yellow fabrics or Brights (as shown above).

This group re-configured their tables so they could all face each other as they stitched.

And, of course, the cutting table is up on bed lifts to save our backs.

A real treat this month was the chicken noodle soup made for us by Janet V! She made enough to feed the whole group and it was delicious. Thanks again to Janet for that.

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