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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Holy Scrap

It's the 15th! Time to check in on our Holy Scrap quilt.

You should now have the center row completed, 20 rows of 4 -   
2 1/2" squares per row. This month, we will make the on point rows that go on each side of the center row.

Note: finished size is 32" x 40"

The two on point sections each use 10 units that are 5 - 2 1/2" squares wide. If you have any left over units from last month, add 1 random 2 1/2" square to each and use those. If not, start from scratch to make 20 units, each with 5 - 2 1/2" squares.

In addition to the 20 - 5 square units, you will also need 4 units that are 3 squares wide and 4 - 2 1/2" squares.

Now it's time to pick the color for the little side setting triangles (shown in white in the quilt sample). If you want to be REALLY scrappy, you could use several different prints of the same color. For example, several different tone on tone whites. I think it's best to stay with one color, though, as this piece helps define the pattern of your quilt.

Picking the color for your side setting triangles will be your opportunity to make this quilt your own. Try laying out your pieces and looking at them through a camera lens. Is there a color that jumps out? Maybe it is bright yellow, pink or even black. 

In my quilt, I see a lot of red which is no surprise as I love red. You can never go wrong with white or cream, though. 

Take a look at these two quilts, just as examples for choosing setting fabric color.

              Modern twist with grey - -- 

                       Crisp and classic with white. 

By the way, this is another great scrap quilt that would accommodate your 2 1/2" strip sets. All you have to do is count. The white sashes are cut 2 1/2" wide. The white squares in the last border are also cut 2 1/2". Everything in this quilt above is cut 2 1/2" so, all of the rows fit together. Every piece is an increment of 2 1/2".

There are a couple ways to make the side-setting triangles. The way I will show uses a little bit more fabric but, it's more accurate and easier. We are using up scraps anyway, right?

Since I chose red for my setting triangles, I need 24, 2 1/2" squares of red. 

Stitch a 2 1/2" square of your setting color fabric to each end of each of the row units and stitch the rows  as shown here.

Notice, you start with a 2 1/2" square of the setting fabric. Center it on the first row. Then center the 1st row on the second row and center the second row on the third row. 

After that, you have 10 rows the same length. Add rows as shown, stair stepping down, always moving down one block. If you need to, re-press the seams in each row in opposite directions so your seams will easily snug together.

After adding the 10 long rows, end as your started by centering the last three rows on each other. Make two of these sections.

Don't trim yet. We will talk about that next month. See you then!

footnote: These instructions are for the Holy Scrap quilt in the size as shown. I plan to keep adding to my strips and make a much larger quilt. I may even add more sections, using parts and pieces that I have collected in various exchanges over the years but never used. I'll keep you posted! Send me your pictures, too!

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