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Friday, April 24, 2015

Say it with me - - - - HOLY SCRAP!

This is Sue H's Holy Scrap quilt (see more on our Scrappy New Year page) hanging from a clothesline.  Sue made her quilt twice as long by doubling the number of rows in each unit. Then she added some sashing strips (the long grey strips) and added another 2-patch unit to each side.

Can you see how you could start your year by sewing together leftover 2 1/2" squares, a few at a time, and just adding to it as the year evolves?

Sue worked out of past scraps but, we could go forward with this as we start new quilts.

Depending on what you dabble in most, maybe have one started in just batiks and another in just brights.

I think it would be refreshing to have no real agenda, just a place to let scraps gradually gather and become a butterfly!

When a baby, anniversary or graduation pops up, you can grab some of the scrappy units and make a very nice quilt on short notice.

Thank you for sharing Sue. My Holy Scrap is still in parts and pieces on the sewing room floor but it is slowly growing.

Send me pictures of your progress. No time frames and no pressure.

Maybe we should re-name this quilt the Crock Pot quilt. It can be in the cooker for a looooong time and then turn out fabulous.

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