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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The votes have been counted

Special thanks to the crew (plus picture-taker Frank) that showed up early this morning to hang quilts for our Little Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

 After a busy and fun filled day of admiring quilts and visiting with guests, it's time to announce the winners from our Viewer's Choice votes. 
In first place is this beautiful black quilt by Abbie Allen from Grimes. This was a block of the month quilt through The entire quilt was done on the embroidery machine! A masterpiece indeed.

 In second place is Marilyn Monroe (quilt on the left in this picture) by Becky Irmenter from Waukee. Becky created this pictorial quilt, using different shades of blacks and whites. Amazing, isn't it?

And at 3rd place is Marti Klatt's from Adel with her applique quilt. This little quilt is heavily embellished with beads and really beautiful in person.

That said, every quilt in the show was a thing of beauty and we thank everyone who let us hang their quilt. 
Second, we asked our customers today to vote on our Just One Block Challenge. We had 30 blocks entered in this contest. Everyone started with a packet of fabric to which they could add from their on stash. Here are the top three.
First place goes to Jackie Orton for this beauty.

Second place goes to Bonnie Nelsen for this original design.

And third place goes to Renee McPhee for this great pinwheel.

Thank you to everyone who entered a block. So much creativity at work! I will post more pictures soon. These blocks will be assembled into a quilt and auctioned for the Dallas County Fair   4-H in 2016 so it's not too late to contribute a block to this project. We need 12 more blocks

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