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Monday, September 28, 2015

The helping hands - - -

Thank you AQS Show tickets - For each of you that made a block for the Breast Cancer Awareness quilt, I have a ticket to the show. 
Stop by the shop to pick it up or ask us to mail. THANK YOU!!!

These are the special ladies that each made 2 blocks for our quilt.

Margaret Beal
Judi Smith (mailed ticket)
Lonnie Keeran
Nancy Johnson
Jackie Orton
Nancy Hagelberg
Lindsay Beaman
Julie Letvin (mailed ticket)
Lorna Christensen
Esther Boatman
Jenny Osler
Janet Volz
Sue Hook
Caroline Baldon
Deb York
Wilma Tiernan
Jean Vandewater
Deb Semmens
Rhonda Huggins
Sue Risius
And me!

We still need a booth volunteer(s) between 11 am and 2 pm on Saturday. I can get a free ticket for anyone volunteering for any or all of that time period.

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