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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Retreat 2 day 2

All around the room, quilts are growing.

The design wall was not big enough, so this quilt grew on to the floor. Any port in the storm.

Another tradition of our Ladies of the Lake Quilt Retreats is a charitable outreach project. This year, we collected quilt blocks, all the same pattern made with pink, white and green.

The blocks were sorted into 4 stacks and sent home with quilters to make for someone in their community, recognized as needing comfort. 

I may have photo-bombed my own picture here. This is me with Nancy Sharr. She and I are the only two that have perfect retreat attendance. Nancy has been to all 13 of our Ladies of the Lake Quilt Retreats.

Our name badges are embellished with a crystal for each year of attendance. This picture is supposed to include a shot of our badges but I am kind of (accidentally) covering Nancy's up! Sorry Nancy. Thanks for your support all these years!

And more quilts coming to life:

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