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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sisters of the Cloth November Class

This was our last Sisters of the Cloth class of 2015 and it was such a fun class. The weather was nasty and attendance low but we had a great time anyway. Our theme for this class was vintage ladies accessories.

Marti shared a few things from her collections - - - gloves, hat, hankies and a beaded purse.

 Kathy showed us her bloomers.

And Diane shared from her family trunk of  treasures - hats, bloomers, a skirt hoop, a ladies shirt waist, neck jabots, a bustle and baby hat/coat set. Such lovely family heirlooms from the 1800s.

The Wide Awake. Called as such because of the wide full brim

The Bavolette - a modest transition hat.  The back of the neck is covered but the face is not hidden. In the mid 1800s, it was only appropriate for a woman to show the back of her neck if she was in formal evening wear.

 Possibly modeled or influenced by John Stetson.  The inside of many of these hats had a hair net to fasten over a bun, thus securing the hat in place.
The Trilby or Boater -  popular when women began to bring more masculine flair into their wardrobe.

Ladies Western Wear of the 1800s.

Ladies shirt waist (above) and a couple jabots (below).

This is what Diane's relatives may have looked like in the 1800s. Note the Wide Awake hats, shirt waists and neck jabots.

Then we moved on to the Patchwork of the Crosses we have been working on in class. Some are using the pieces they make each month to build a larger block. Some are using the pieces as the center for 6 blocks, adding other fabrics as they go.

Here are few blocks floating around the room. What a difference color and placement makes.

Here is a block I made and then appliqued on background to make a pillow. These pieces were fussy cut from the same panel as shown over this chair.
 Then we moved on to show and share - - - -
Kathy shared this heirloom baby quilt.

A close up almost shows the weathered embroidery.

And a baby sheet. These kits were common in the 1930s. Very sweet.

This is a brand new quilt made from vintage shirts. The Osler's recently lost their father so Jenny collected several of his flannel plaid shirts and made this memory quilt. Such a keepsake.

Time to wrap up the class with our feature speaker. Marti Klatt shared her collection of Princess Peggy salesman sample dress forms and house dresses. In the background, see our dress form quilt. This was our shared pattern for the day.

Mid way through the presentation, Marti feigned feeling too hot and took off her outer layer of clothing. Underneath, she had on her own Princess Peggy style house dress.

Then she completed her ensemble with jewelry, hat and purse of the era. She even included the cigarette that was considered high fashion of the day. Very interesting program and oh,what a hoot!

Sisters of the Cloth meets on the third Saturday of July, September and November. Registration will be open soon for 2016 and will likely fill up quickly as we already have some great programs lined up.

Thank you to my Sisters of the Cloth for another great year together!

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