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Friday, December 18, 2015

More hand made gifts.

 More hand made Christmas gifts - - - - I made these for our staff, Lonnie and Colleen, choosing fabrics I knew they like. I also made one for Julia in jewel tone batiks but, since she is a snowbird already flown south, she got hers early.

I love making these. Now that I have made 7, they go together quickly. I have made a few modifications like reversing the direction of the pockets, adding a pen holder loop and using E6000 glue rather than screws.

This is the open, inside view. The one on the left is not yet glued to the frame in this photo, so looks a bit crooked. I'll make sure it is straight before I glue.

I will say I had a couple of frames made by Sisters Common Thread that were faulty. They were color Gun Metal and did not close properly. I contacted the company and they said they had a bad batch and are in contact with the manufacturer. If you purchased frames made by Sisters Common Thread from our shop that are faulty, we will return them for replacement.

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Anonymous said...

Do you sell this pattern in your shop? If so how much and how much are the frames? I think I want some of these Sue Hook