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Saturday, December 12, 2015

New stuff!

New! Digitally printed fabric. Digital printing, allows for the use of an unlimited number of colors. Very pretty stuff.

And here is Fancy Fox in a 20" pillow. The pattern also has options to make a large wall hanging or a quilt.

New from Moda, charms and cakes in Hometown Girl. Love the top print. The rest of the packs are really nice, usable batik prints as well.

These little organizers are perfect for the sewing friends in your life. Made from a canvas like fabric, the are just $4.99 each and come in green, pink and brown.

And fun reminder - this panel comes with 8 gift tags printed along the bottom edge of the panel. I fuse these on Timtex and then cut with pinking blade. Makes a great touch to any gift.

Here is a close up.

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