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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Sewday - vote for your favorite lay out with the LOVE button

I've done a little cleaning so now it's time to go sew!
Yesterday I played with this fabric, cutting 4 long repeats from a  1 1/2 yard length of this border print.

Then I went down each long strip, cutting 60 degree pieces by inverting the ruler for every other cut.

There are several ways to arrange these 60 degree triangles. Vote for your favorite. These pieces are just laid out, not yet sewn. This is sample 1.

Here is sample 2. If I choose this layout, I will have enough triangles left over to make both of the toppers shown below.


Karen said...

Sample 1! For sure sample 1.

Deb Marley said...

I love how much you get with sample 2.