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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Winners Are - - - -

Finally, it's time to announce the winners of the Little Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - 2016!

Our show guests were asked to vote on their three favorite quilts, no easy task. 

The results have been kept in a sealed envelope in a mayonnaise jar on the porch of Funk and Wagnall since 4 pm Saturday.

First Place: Bonnie Nelsen for this stunning Black, White and Red Flower Box Medley quilt. Pieced by Bonnie and machine quilted by Julia Swallow.

2nd Place: Tricia Beal Snyder for this adorable and very creative Row Quilt. Both pieced and machine quilted by Tricia.

3rd Place:  A tie between Marti Klatt and Bonnie Nelsen
Marti's elegant violet quilt made with hankies from her collection. Both pieced and machine quilted by Marti.
And Bonnie's happy pink and green quilt with the most beautiful hand quilting I've ever seen. Too bad this picture doesn't show it. Pieced and hand quilted by Bonnie.

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