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Friday, August 5, 2016

July Quilt Circle of Friends!

After a little quilty news, Quilt Circle of Friends shared their show and tell.
Diane W. showed these two pictures (above and below) of the 2' x 2' barn quilts she and her daughter Susan painted in our recent class.

Diane also shared her interpretation of our animal row quilt project. She reduced her animal block patterns to make the smaller animal blocks. The names of the blocks in each row are all related to the animals as well.  As example,  Geese with Geese Chase Blocks -- Puss in the Corner -- - Cow Path -- - Etc.

Theresa H. is always making baby quilts for the new arrivals in her ever growing family. This is a panel. Isn't it adorable?

Margaret B, our champion of getting things done, has finished up another very pretty quilt.

Lorna C. has been having fun making trivets. Very cute.

Lorna also brought the barn sign she created in class to show Quilt Circle, her own design.

This is actually a 16" block made from fabric. This is block #1 of a new project we are just starting in club. Each month for nine months, I will have a barn quilt block pattern for members.

This shows our cloth block with the wooden quilt block that inspired it.

Next was a demo of a quilt as you go string quilt.

Stitch and flip strips to the batting and backing of each block.

Trim away the excess from the strips and batting, leaving the backing intact. Then join the blocks to each other, pressing the backing under twice and topstitching down. Next month I'll show the secondary design created by joining all of these blocks.

We closed our evening with cake to celebrate the anniversary of the shop and welcome the beginning of year #15!

It's always a treat to gather with my Quilt Circle of Friends. Thank you to you all and especially to Jackie O. for being our photographer.

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