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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Shop Samples

Diana W and I collaborated on this one. It's actually started as "Convenience Cloth." The red flowers and green leaves are appliqued on. After quilting, I went along the vines with a button hole stitch to make the vines look like they have been appliqued on as well. This kit comes with a free pattern so is just $36. Flannel on the back makes it a quick and snuggly gift.

This is the fabric on the bolt. It's running yardage, not a panel. This picture was taken inside so not as bright as the quilt pic but, same fabric.

This runner is related to our 2016 Row by Row. It is 3, 12" blocks rather than the 4, 9" blocks used for our Row. Add a border and it makes a very pretty runner. 

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