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Saturday, October 22, 2016

More Retreat Friends Pics

Here is our second group of quilters. You may notice some duplicates! Six of our quilters came to both back-to-back retreats.
 A tradition, quilters pose in front of the retreat quilt for a picture with their besties.

This group has been coming from northern Iowa for many years.

Becky brought Claire this year, her first retreat with us.

From the Marshalltown area, these gals have come for at least the last 5 or 6 years.

Jody (from Panora) and her mother Janice (from Omaha) have several years as well. I see at least 6 crystals on Janice's badge, one for every year. We all missed their friend, Darlene, but hear she will be back with them next Fall.

Marge and friends. I see at least 8 crystals on Marge's badge!

Nancy (on the right) has been to all 14 of our fall retreats. This year, she invited Becky to join us. This was Becky's first retreat ever and I do believe she enjoyed it!

More friends with new friends.
Several of our guests have made new friendships with other quilters that see only once a year at retreat. I now get lots of request to seat one group near another so they can have a proper reunion.

Here's a group of local quilters, having fun together.

Another reunion of quilters.

Nancy came to both retreats. To the first retreat, two of her sister-in-laws joined her. It was fun hearing them laugh together as they sewed away.

Betty and Liz come every year from Missouri. I believe I see 10 crystals on Betty's name badge. This year, they invited friend Pat to join them.

Another set of good friends that join us every year, Mindy and Karla.

Sister's Mary and Patty - Also long time regulars. They were minus sister Joan who is the older sister that keeps them in line  so it was a bit of a challenge :) but Joan will be back with us next year.
This was a just for fun picture. We all showed up in stripes one day.

Four of these gals come for the whole week. They are modeling their retreat fleece vests in this pic.

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