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Monday, February 6, 2017

January Quilt Circle Party

In Quilt Circle of Friends, we have a tradition of postponing our December meeting until January and having our holiday potluck party then. 

Following a soup and salad potluck, we shared our 2016 Archive Get Er Done Challenge Quilts. Members declared one old project at the beginning of the year that they really wanted to complete. Here are the quilts that Got Done!
This is a block of the month from several years ago, Baskets of Blohms, finished now by Jackie Orton.
Margaret declared this Farmers Wife quilt and she got it done!
Deb finished this Strip Quilt project, Morse Code - on the right. She had enough leftover parts and pieces to make her fur friend a quilt to snuggle on.
Another Baskets of Blohms finished - - This one by Lorna Christensen.

And Theresa finished up this Strip Club project quilt.
Above are little pinwheel quilts Nancy made for her sisters.
Below is a quilt Nancy helped one of her sisters to make. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge for her sister's first quilt. Looks great, though.

This is a challenge Marti is entering. The rules state you must use black and white with 3 accent colors and it must include a flower and a log cabin block. (I think I have that right). You may not notice the log cabin block immediately. The white background is pieced in log cabin blocks. This is what you call Sew Creative!

Above is Nancy J's row quilt, completed from a row of the month published in a quilt magazine. Below is a block of the month she made from Quilt Block in WDM.

Lately, Bonnie has been making place mats. Very pretty.

This is a block Bonnie made for our fall Ladies of the Lake retreat. Guests were each given a piece of ombre fabric with instructions to create a 12" block.
She also shared her little chickie quilt, now finished by hand quilting. A close up below shows the chicken tracks stitch she used for some of the quilting.
Bonnie's last show and share quilt was this one made from a block lottery through the Perry quilt guild. She won the blocks made by members and put it together. Now it will be gifted to one of the guild members who is recuperating from a bad accident.

Love these smiles! Margaret above and Trish below are showing the blocks they made from our Barn Quilt BOM.

Trish shared two quilts she has already gifted by showing us a picture of them. Above was gifted to the family of a friend that recently passed. Below is a Fidget quilt for a friend in a nursing home.
Fidget quilts are kind of new to me but such a great idea. If you have made one, please send me a picture.
This is Trish's quilt from the Sisters of the Cloth block exchange. I really like the clam shell machine quilt design on this square block quilt. Nice.
Theresa made this quilt for her stash. Maybe a good Strip Club Project down the road, right?
Done and ready to hang, Lorna's winter window quilt.
and her wreath. Nice.
Jackie O. is really knocking them out, using a New Years pledge to spend at least a few minutes every day in her sewing room. Above is for a quilt challenge through Iowa Quilters, an online group. Below is a comfort quilt ready to go for the ADM Alumni.

This one was completed for her kids,  Hawkeye fans.
and this one for her son, a fan of Big Foot. You know he loves this one!
Deb has decided to make good use of leftover parts and pieces by making them into doggie quilts. Very creative!   
After show and share, we played a new game, new to us anyway. Each brought a pair of socks stuffed with little gifts like candy, sewing notions, lotion, etc. We passed our gifts around the circle, following a story about the Right family and all of the things they had Left to do. After our exchange, we each donned one of our socks for this fun photo.

It was another really fun evening with my Quilt Circle of Friends. Thank you, Jackie O, for documenting our evening with these pictures!

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