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Monday, November 10, 2014

What a great long weekend!

The girls and I traveled to Texas to visit son (brother) Gabe and see one of his football games and boy, was it a great game to watch. This victory set the mood for the whole weekend!

The girls and I had some time on our own while Gabe was at school, thus the purple (team colors) finger nails. We also fit in some shopping and each had our hair "blown out".

 We took pictures of each other so, none of all of us together. This is Gabe and I at the Alamo.

We spent Saturday evening at Luckenbach. I was surprised to learn it was not a big Texas city but rather kind of a rural road side settlement established in 1849 for country musicians to preform. Very fun place to hang out for a bit. We did not, however, see Waylen, Willie and the boys! I did see a purse that had been made from a whole armodillo, though.

We each had to sign a privacy clause, promising not to post the picture taken here of Brook on the back of a long horn steer. That picture does, however, exists.
Here is Gabe and Willow at the River Walk in San Antonio.

Gabe teaches and coaches at a school near San Antonio that was originally settled by Germans. Therefore, we dined on some fantastic German meals.

I've taken these three on several vacations over the years but, now that they are all adults, this one was definitely my favorite. So proud of the paths each of them have opted to follow. And so proud they did not make fun of my driving in the rental car - - - -woops - - that one still needs some work!

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