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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Fabrics

Spring Theory from Dear Stella. Aren't these pretty?

From Moda, additions to our patriotics.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Donut Day!

Visit us in the quilt shop on Thursday this week to celebrate Lonnie's birthday with a donut. Her bday is actually the day before but - - - even in Adel, Wednesdays forecast is borderline lovely. The donuts are free and the new fabrics coming in are gorgeous!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Looking for a Featherweight?

Russ Beaman has restored this Featherweight and has it for sale, $395. It's a 221-K, 1953-54.  Call Russ at 515-993-3250.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Littles

Introducing a new series of "Littles". These 12" quilts can hang from a 12" counter stand or occupy a small space on a wall or door. Great for decorating cubicles or nursing home rooms. All are available in kit, of course.

Little Valentine

Little Pine Tree

Little Music

Little Halloween

Little Hens.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Sewing with pals.

I was invited to sew with a few quilter friends last weekend and here are a few of the quilt tops that came together. Good times.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Machine Repair

I am often asked for contact information for our local sewing machine repairman.  Note this for future reference. He does a great job:

Russ Beaman
1403 Maple Dr
Adel, IA

phone: 515-993-3250

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

QC Party

Quilt Circle Holiday Party was this week. We always wait until January to avoid the conflicts of the busy season in December. This group knows how to party!

Of course we started with a great potluck.

Then we gathered in our circle.

 Show and Tell at this gathering focused in part on our Get Er Done projects and our License Plate Challenge projects. 

Get Er Done is a project we do every year.  It's a commitment from members to finish at least one quilt in their line up of projects. 

A few months ago, I gave everyone in group a cloth license plate and challenged them to create something with it.

Here's Kathy's challenge project, made with pet screen.

And her Get Er Done quilt.

Kathy also shared the first in a series of table runners she is making as thank-you gifts.

Nancy H is holding these little bags made by Jackie O. The fuzzy pic is my fault but wanted to share anyway. These are candy packages, reinforced with fusible vinyl, quilted and then stitched with a zipper closure.

Trish's Get Er Done.

 Deb's donation quilt.

Stack of Kathy's donation quilts and crib sheets. Donation quilts an crib sheets are going to the Mercy PICU. 

Celia's challenge project.

Jackie O's challenge project, a glasses case.

Marti's Get Er Done Quilt.  1,996 half square triangle units. Or as Celia said, "I'd round that up!"

This is Marti's challenge quilt from the Des Moines Guild. The challenge was to use at least a dozen eggs in the design.

Margaret's Get Er Done Quilt.

Bonnie made this beauty for her grandsons friend. 

And this is Bonnie's  challenge project.

and her Get Er Done quilt.

And here we have Nancy H's challenge.

and her Get Er Done.

Jackie O's Get Er Done.

Deb S quilted this comfort quilt for Warrior Wagons.

and here is her challenge quilt.

This is Nancy J's challenge project.

and Trish's challenge project. 

This is Theresa's Get Er Done quilt.

Margaret's challenge project.

and more donation quilts by Kathy.

Then we closed with what I believe to be our favorite part of the evening, the sock exchange.

My favorite was the pair Joyce received, Chicken Leg Socks.

And here they all are. Another fun, fun evening with my Quilt Circle of Friends.