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Friday, June 30, 2017

New Stuff!

From Moda, here is a new collection of dots and stripes.

Also from Moda, a few new black pieces.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

And the winners are - - - -

Part of our Just One Block challenge was letting customers vote for their favorites. If you saw our Tuesday post, you know there were about 46 gorgeous blocks submitted. The voting was very tight but here is what the final tally showed:
First place, #33, is by Abbie Allen. Second place, #7 is by Bonnie Nelsen and third place is by Lonnie Keeran. Round of applause, please.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Look at these!

 These are the blocks from our "Just One Block" challenge. I had trouble getting all the blocks in one picture so, hopefully between these two pics, you can see them all.

The reasoning behind this challenge is that, if everyone makes "just one block", we can easily assemble a quilt for the Dallas County Fair auction. We did it, right? Aren't these beautiful?

Customers voted for their favorite blocks during our recent exhibit. Check back Thursday to see the top three winners.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

More quilts!

Here is today's display! All Red and White quilts with just a little extra personality thrown in to a few. Come take a close up look.

And these are the quilts we hung yesterday.
Left to right they are by Bonnie Nelsen, Marti Klatt, Trish Snyder, Abbie Allen, Margaret Beal and a placemat by Bonnie Nelson.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Porch Sale

No -  We are not selling the porch! We do have lots of hand made items on the porch to sell though. This is our annual fund raiser for the Adel Library. All very reasonably priced to sell. Get a jump on your holiday shopping

Small quilt featuring covered bridges.

hooded baby bath towels

Lots of placemats

Pillows and Potholders

Microwave Produce Pouches

Lots of table runners and small wall hangings.

Bags and Totes

Small quilts - We had a couple large quilts that have sold.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Quilts

These are the quilts we hung outside today. They made it until about 11:30 when it started to sprinkle. Some of these were out before in a more folded state.
Juanita Coulter's beautiful baskets.

A small quilt by Margaret Beal, applique and hand quilted.

Spools by Quilt Circle of Friends.

Nine Patches by Theresa Hane

Quilt of Valor by Ladies of the Lake Quilt Retreatees.

A small art quilt by Becky Irmiter depicting a Colorado memory.

Another art quilt by Becky Irmiter, this one a chenille cow.

Abbie Allen's Harley T-Shirt Quilt

Janet Volz's happy quilt.

A close up of the machine quilting. Isn't that pretty?

I do believe all of the customer quilts have been up at least once this week. 

We do not have a Friday display planned but, weather permitting, we do have a special display planned for Saturday!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are ready! Are you?

Here is our free row pattern. We also have this in kits for $12, including the laser cut bike backed with fusible. If you prefer not to do the bike applique, you can replace it with two more pinwheel blocks. 

And here it is across the top of this wall quilt, also available in kit. The color seems hard to capture in a picture. It is bright and pretty - come see. In addition, we have just the pattern and/or just the laser-cut bikes.

What else? See the oversized license plate on the counter here? Be sure to sign it when you come in with your name and where you are from.

Here is a close-up of the bikers featured in the wall quilt.

And our cloth plates are ready to go. We have held back on these until today to make sure we have plenty. Available now at $5.99 each.

Outdoor Show Day 4

It's kind of rainy in these parts today so we may skip hanging quilts outside today. Below are the quilts from yesterday.
This first quilt was made by Lonnie Keeran. It's made from the bright half square triangles she collected in Quilt Circle. The 2nd quilt is a mastepiece of thread, made by Abbie Allen.

Here's a better shot of Dian Wakefield's row quilt, another Quilt Circle fun project.

On the line is a baby quilt by Dian Wakefield, a replication of one she had as a child. Also a darling Christmas quilt by Abbie Allen and a gorgeous bargello by Lonnie Keeran.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Little Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Day 3

Here are the beautiful quilts we hung outside yesterday. We have even more to hang today! Come see.

This fun Chubby Chicks quilt is by Bonnie Nelsen and the quilt on the right was a collaboration by Julia Swallow and her granddaughters Alexia Reese and Alissa Swallow. 

This beauty is Afternoon Delight by Cyndi Craigmile.

These quilts are by mother and daughter, Margaret Beal (on the left) and Trish Beal Snyder (on the left).

This red and white quilt is by Marti Klatt while the colorful one is by Janet Volz.

This farm quilt is by Marti Klatt.

These small quilts are by clockwise by Marti Klatt, Bonnie Nelsen and Abbie Allen.

This pretty red and white quilt is by Theresa Hane and the Australian quilt is by Bonnie Nelsen, made with fabrics she purchased in Australia.

This bright and pretty quilt is Park Place by Janet Volz.

Having fun along the hop - - -

We have had so much fun, greeting our All Iowa Shop Hop guests from all of the United States!

These sisters have done the AISH together for 4 years in a row now and hope to get to all or most of the shops this year!

These gals are having fun and stocking up!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Little Sister Quilt Show

The weather threatened rain Saturday so, we just hung a few of the quilts out over the railing where we could quickly retrieve them. Here they are.  Watch this week as we continue to hang a few quilts each day.
By Celia McCollum using prints she purchased in Hawaii.

By Cyndi Craigmile. Lots of little pieces here!

This is Dian Wakefield's version of the animal row quilt we did in Quilt Circle of Friends.

You can't see much of the quilt here but, this one was by Janet Volz and I believe it's called Books of the Bible.
This is a t shirt quilt I made for demo at our Spring Quilt retreat where we had a focus on T-Shirt quilts. This is from a book called T-Shirt Quilts and has lots of good setting patterns and tips for making T-Shirt quilts.

This big blue beauty was made by Lonnie Keeran.

This is a broad shot of quilts on the north rail. They are (left to right) by Jackie Orton, Juanita Coulter, Bonnie Nelsen, Abbie Allen and Marti Klatt.

Check back this week to see more!