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Friday, November 25, 2016

Angel Tree and other stuff

Well, here we go again! This time I really earned the wrist band. Out of the blue, slipped and fell in my own kitchen and guess what? Broke my femur and hip in three places. 

It's a little hiccup in the road but, thanks to our supportive community and fantastic group of Shop Girls, we are still rolling forward. 
We need your help. With this little time out, we have slacked on promoting the Angel Tree. We still have about 10 names left and gifts are due back by December 9. It works like this:
  • You pick out an angel from our tree. These are all folks who will be spending the holiday in the local Domestic Violence Shelter.
  • You make a pillowcase (Renee Godberson very generously made several extra pillowcases for us so you may be able to just pick up one at the shop).
  • Based on the age, sex, needs and wants of the angel you choose, you purchase some gifts to put in the pillowcase.
  • Here's a great opportunity! Lonnie has offered to be your personal shopper. Tell her how much you want to spend and she will do your shopping for you.

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