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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Development Hearts

These are called Development Hearts and are provided to parents in hospital nic (neonatal intensive care) units.

While the mother or father is present in the nic unit to care for baby, this heart is worn on the chest like a burping cloth. When the parent is absent, this flannel heart is placed in the bed with baby for comfort.

Above, the pink heart is a finished sample. On the right is a stack of hearts we have cut. These are free to you.  If you would like to stitch and return some of these, we will make sure they are delivered. Just stop by to pick up.

Or, make from your own scraps. These are flannel, 9" wide and 7" high. Cut 2, stitch right sides together, turn inside out and top stitch near edge.

This is the poem written for this program:

Hand to hand,
Heart to heart,
Heartfelt love to share.

Place this heart against your chest,
and parent's love you'll share

Then place this heart in baby's bed,
throughout each passing day.
Another chance to show you care,
in a unique and loving way.

Your baby smells your presence,
whenever you can't be near.
It tells them that you love them,
and wish you could be here.

Your baby will always remember,
your heartfelt smell of love.
As parents you will always cherish,
this special gift of love.

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