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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Painting fun!

Last Saturday afternoon, we hosted Suzi Parron at the Adel Library to lead us through painting 2' x 2' Barn Quilt Signs. It was great fun.

A few finished their sign in class. Other's took home the last paint to put on later. Here is Carol Piziali with her block.

A significant amount of time was spent taping off areas to paint different colors.

Lots of intense concentration going on. Jenny Osler created her own design.

Lorna Christenson finished here's at home and sent me this picture. Isn't this striking?

I brought mine home and finished it up at about 10:30 that night. Now looking forward to hanging it on our little red barn in the back yard.

For those of you that took this class, send me a picture of your finished block to post and thank you for spending a fun afternoon with me.

1 comment:

Lindsay Beaman said...

How awesome! What did you use for the board material? It looks nice and smooth and light-weight!