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Friday, February 9, 2018

Stitching with friends

I  was  recently invited to gather with some friends for a couple days of stitching. Here are some of the quilt tops that were happening.

Patty was working on this quilt for here sister. Giving a nod to their Irish heritage, she is making an Irish Chain quilt. In going through their late mothers estate, they found this one doily, almost finished, with the crochet hook still in it. They finished the doily and Patty is going to applique it to this quilt top. Very nice.

Lynette showed us this quilt top she recently finished called Glazed Donuts.

And this bright beauty, made for her daughter.

Donnette is on a mission to finish up old projects. She just put the last stitches in the binding on this one.

Bonnie was working on this hand applique block. Maybe it will be her next Best of Show at the Iowa State Fair!

Lynnette patiently tried curved piecing and soon became a fan.

Nancy finished up this Halloween-ish quilt for her home. Love it!

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