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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Commemorative Sweet Corn Potholders

We started a Sweet Corn Festival tradition, looks like 6 years ago, of potholder kits.  This year, the kit is the green one, front right.

Want to hear a great sweet corn cooking trick? This from Trish S:

This is our favorite method. Cut off the stem end, into the ear a bit to remove the part where the husks connect. Leave all the husks & silks in place. Microwave about 4 minutes for an ear, depending on the microwave. Add a minute for a second ear. If I remember, I roll the ear over part way through cooking time. When the ear is cooked, while hot, squeeze the silk end to push out the ear. If the corn isn’t done, it is harder to push it out. If it’s a battle, I pop the corn back in for 30-60 seconds. I wrap the end in a dish towel because it is hot! The silks stick to the husks & the corn comes out pretty clean! 

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