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Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Puppy Quilt Back

You may have seen Flo's new pattern, The Puppy Quilt. But, have you seen the back? She had two extra squares not used in the front so she pieced them into the back. Isn't this cute?

This is a little story we added to the back of The Puppy Quilt pattern jacket, a tribute to our Max. Many of you will remember him as our blog mascot before grandkids.

Hello. My name is Max. That stands for Mighty Warrior, Ardent Hunter and X-ceptional Snuggler. I am a Yorkshire Terrier and this is my story.

I was born to some folks that did not appreciate my high  energy. They thought smacking me with a newspaper would calm me. When it did not, they sent me off to a homeless shelter. I quickly made friends but it was lonely.  I wanted a family to protect.

One day, my luck changed and I went to live in a fun home with a college student named Willow. She was loving and caring and I almost completely forgot about my first owner but, - - - newspapers! Keep thee away from me!

I loved  my new owner and she loved me back. I tagged along when she married the love of her life and moved us all to a nice big house. Soon the house was filled with children.  That’s when the tables turned. Even though I was surrounded by love, it was now my turn to experience the challenge of living with high energy.

Since smacking the kids with a newspaper was frowned on,  I went home to Chicago with Willow’s sister, Brook, for a couple week respite. That two week vacation turned into 6 years of just me and her. It was great. But soon, my “dogs were really barking” as you humans say and I needed a lot of tender care. B was there for me and I was there for her. We were a team.

When the time came for me to move on, I did my best to help Brook and Willow be brave. Now they each have parts of me in a little container on their fireplace mantles. I was careful not to leave the stinky parts behind.

If I could speak in human words, I would say, “Thanks for saving me Willow and thanks for helping me move on, Brook. I lo - - - SQUIRREL!! Gotta go!” 

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