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Friday, May 1, 2020

Finding our way - - -

One thing this pandemic is teaching us is to find new ways. 

I have been Face-Timing with the grands but had not seen them since early March or maybe even February so,  - - - it was time to find a new way.

I loaded my car trunk with a bag of cookies, books, old bricks for their timber fort and a Memaw pillow.  I let it set in my trunk for 5 days so any virus bugs would have time to dissipate, or whatever virus bugs do when they don't have a human to feed on.

Then I put a matching pillow in the front seat of the car and made a plan with the grands. 

When I arrived at their house, I would pop the trunk and they could unload and, instead of hugging me, they could hug the Memaw pillow and I would hug my matching pillow back. 

It worked great and we had a wonderful time. It fed my soul. I helped them haul the bricks down to their timber and played at the fort they have been building.

That evening at bedtime, when I was back in Adel, Olive had her momma send me this picture. She says this is the pillow I use when I stay overnight at their house.
It sounds super corny but, it kind of worked.

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Karen said...

Aww!! That is precious!