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Saturday, September 26, 2020

It's Apple Muffin time of year.

We have a family favorite apple muffin recipe and Willow asked me to send it to her.

Home school 101. She is on a 2 week quarantine due to a positive test of a student in her classroom. Willow says she is living her best life as an only child - - temporarily.

Here is my version of the recipe, Apple Crunch Muffins from the Kitchen Klatter Cookbook. 

Where I have written in that "I use 1/4 C", that means the amount of batter placed in each paper baking cup to "yield" (not yeild) 16. When it comes to the topping, I usually double that!

If you have ever used a Kitchen Klatter recipe, you know they always include all of their own brand of spices and seasonings. In place of the Kitchen Klatter Butter Flavoring (unless you have that in your cabinet) I use vanilla.

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