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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Ten Inch Tumber

Here's a fun way to use a layer cake pack of 10" squares. Using the 10" Tumbler Template, cut the whole packet into "tumblers". 

I added some 10" squares from a 2nd pack to make the quilt even bigger, about 60" x 70".

Arrange your Tumblers in rows. I did 7 rows of 7 Tumblers per row.
Notice how the blocks are turned to oppose each other in each row. Wide ends matching and narrow ends matching.
I like to put a number sticker on the first block of each row on the design wall.

After you have the rows sewn together, you can trim the sides straight and/or add a border. I'm going to try binding it just like this. Watch for more - - maybe next week??

Of course, we have kits and Tumbler Templates.

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