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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Iowa Shop Hop Drawing

The passports have been counted! - 35 guests visited each of the 94 shops on the All Iowa Shop Hop! That is impressive. 300 guest made it to each shop in at least one region and 600 made it to at least 5 shops.

Now they are divvying up the prizes - over $11,000 worth of prizes. The goal is to have state and regional winners posted later this week and the 5 shop prize winners by August 15. Watch for it at the All Iowa Shop Hop website .

Big thank you to Kevin and Leland, Helio's Stitches and Stuff in Mt Vernon, for organizing and managing this great event. It is a terrific under-taking and they managed it with grace and diplomacy.

I am hearing that 2015 AISH will be the whole month of June again and that there are already 20 more shops asking to be added.

Over 115 shops in the 2015 AISH?! You gals are going to need a bigger coin purse :) :) :)

Baby, it's hot outside!

But remember - - - It's always lovely in Adel - - - plus we have 30 flavors of Gelato at Aldente Toffee!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sharing a request - - -

Sharing this request from a Des Moines area friend:

There are many hurting families & worthy causes but please consider at least praying for these guys if not donating a little money. 
The momma here is the sister of a Modern Guild quilting friend. Their 2 yr old daughter is fine.  One month ago, their then 4 mo. old son was diagnosed w/ SMA.  SMA is a genetic abnormality that results in pretty rapid total loss of muscle strength & control. Which means you can't roll over, or swallow, or, eventually, breathe.  This little guy will die, probably in the next few weeks.
He's been home from the hospital about 11 days now.  It's taking Mommy Jenna, Daddy Jeremiah, G'ma (a retired ICU nurse), G'pa, & assorted others just to attend to him 24/7 at home.
Their goal is to raise $75,000 so main breadwinner, Momma, can also be home.  That will pay their basic living expenses & health insurance for the family long enough to see Isaac through to the end.  They're 1/3 of the way there.
As always in life, it doesn't take any huge contribution by any one person if a whole bunch of people give a little.  I know there are more than enough heart wrenching & worthy needs to go around.  Please don't feel guilty if you say "No" to this one.  But please prayerfully consider if you're being called to respond in any way on their behalf.  And please help get the word out.  Quilters are generously hearted people.  If you choose to donate, go to, Isaac's Fund.

Sisters of the Cloth - Class #1

Saturday was the first class for Sister's of the Cloth. We celebrated the Dresden Plate. Below, see a series of Dresden Plate quilts members brought for Show and Share. In the background, see a video slide show with even more examples of this traditional pattern.

Following our history lesson and show and share, we welcomed Liz Garst for a fascinating story of  her innovative Grandfather, the visit of Premier Kruschev to the Garst from in 1959 and the events that led to that historic visit.

Thank you to Liz and all of the Sisters of the Cloth. We now look forward to our next class on September 20 when we will view a trunk show of quilts from the state archive.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oct 1-4

Does everyone have Quiltweek  on the calendar? Check out this AQS link.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Few new shop quilts

Carol Piziali made a couple new shop sample quilts for us. Above is Sequence. It is user friendly for either pre-cut jelly roll type strips or layer cakes. Jessie practiced a new design for the long arm quilting on this one.
Carol also made this one, Boxtrot. This is a fun pattern because it's great for feature fabric and it comes with several options in both design and in quilt size. Love this classic red and black.
This is Lonnie Keeran's version of Boxtrot. She used a panel for the focus pieces and backed it with a soft flannel.

A close-up shows one of the fun fabrics Lonnie used with play time words. So sweet. Of course, we have both of these quilts in kit!

There were a couple of squares left over from the panel so Lonnie just finished them off as small quilts - - -wall hanging or maybe a changing pad?  Cute.
This is a "Convenience Cloth" panel. I used Moda's plush Fireside fabric for the backing and left extra on each side so I could just bring it to the front and edge stitch, making a wide and soft binding that kids will love.

We have kits of this and also kits in a darker blue Fireside with a really cute farmyard scene fabric. For $39 and done in an afternoon, can't be beat for baby gift.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quilt Labels

Years ago I heard a speaker say, "Some day, we will be proud enough of our work to sign the front of the quilt like an artist does a painting." Proud of all the hands that contributed to this lovely community quilt inspired me to do just that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just passing through - - - -

These are the quilts that were dropped off at the shop for the Dallas Co. Fair Open Class. Since I was in Ankeny, I didn't get to see the show and don't know who all the winners were but, I do see some ribbons on these quilts! Congrats and thanks to all for participating. The show grows a little each year. Some day we hope to take over a whole building with exhibit quilts.
Marti K.

Rozetta F.

Margaret B.

Margaret B.

Marti K.

Jenny O.

Loretta C.

Carol P.

Marti K.

Marti K.

Jenny O.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Want to look at some quilts with me?

These are just a few of  the quilts that caught my eye at the Ankeny Area Quilt Guild Show this weekend. I was pretty busy in our booth so didn't get a chance for lots of photography but, here's a sampling of the show.
These little snowmen are applique but I thought this would be a good setting for the new 6" red work snowman squares panel from Moda.

The skirts on these embroidered ladies are hankies.

The color wash in this quilt is beautiful but the real feature is the concentric circles - - - all hand quilted!

Had to snap a pic of this Dresden Plate. It is the featured pattern for our Sister's of the Cloth meeting next Saturday. I have noticed that the Ice Cream Cone border is very common in vintage Dresden Plate quilts.

Notice how the quilting changes the look of this little quilt.

Jean Taft was nearby, volunteering as a White Glove gal, so I asked her to step into this picture of her applique quilt. The next pic is one of her needle turned hand quilted beauties as well.

Every good quilt show has a stunning bargello.

This quilt was fun. The petals are appliqued on.

Compare the size of the quilt to the hanger. This is a mini!

Kinsley stopped by our booth and posed in her blouse and matching umbrella. Always the fashioneista - she was sporting some pretty sweet little shoes. Remember the little girl in the stroller at this show a few years ago? She loved shoes (specifically our slippers) even then.

This is Connie Lovelady, Quilt Show Chair, standing by the quilt that was raffled. Thank you to Connie and all the members of the Ankeny Area Quilt Guild for another great show.