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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Instructions for washing pre-stamped quilts - -

I've been working on a couple old embroidery quilts that have been pre-stamped in blue for the embroidery and quilting lines. I did some research to determine how best to get the blue markings out. This is what I found ---------------

WASH the finished quilt: Hopefully you have access to a large capacity washing machine. Run a full cycle through your empty machine using lukewarm water no soap - this will clear out any residue of washing detergent usually used in it, and ensure your wash will be pure and clean. Having obtained an oxygen based product such as oxy clean or a cleaning agent specifically for vintage quilts and linens, fill your tub after adding the agent with  WARM (comfortable to the skin)  not cold and not hot water and agitate to disperse the washing agent through the water.

Immerse the quilt in the water and gently push it down to be sure it is totally wet. Agitate on ‘gentle’ for a few minutes. Stop the machine and soak for 15 minutes to a half hour. Drain machine and refill with WARM water, soak and run the agitate cycle on gentle again. Allow the machine to go on to rinse and completely turn itself off. Carefully supporting the wet/damp quilt from underneath – bending over the tub slide your arms under the quilt and lift it from below – never suspend a wet quilt as the stitches can/will break and damage the quilt. Make sure your clothing is well worn so that it will not transfer dye to the quilt if you hold it against your body.

Transfer carefully to the dryer on gentle/warm setting and dry to damp dry.  Do NOT use a dryer sheet and do not over dry! Carefully remove and fold finished side out and hang a clean white towel over a door or your shower rail and lay the folded quilt on top of the towel – let it air dry while folding and refolding to allow for even drying and be certain that the quilt is 100% dry before removing it.
Examine the quilt in a clean dry surface to assess whether you still have an unacceptable residue of blue ink. In my experience, at most I’ve had to wash the item once more – never more than that.

Put your treasure on your bed and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quilt Circle at a Glance

Here are a few pictures from our April Quilt Circle of Friends meeting. As always, thanks to Jackie O. for taking these pictures and sending them to me. 
Jackie O handed off the camera and shared this quilt she put together for a friend. The blocks came to her already embroidered and she took it from there.
We are starting to collect items for our Orphan Quilt Auction. Joyce S. brought these pretty holiday place mats to add to the stash of quilted or hand made items for the auction.

The auction is held during our Little Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show (June 14) and all proceeds are donated to the Adel Library.
And Joyce has another grandchild on the way - - -this one is a girl!
Nancy finished this quilt from her archive stash of unfinished quilts. Such a handsome quilt!
Theresa finished up this Tic Tac Toe game quilt. Check out the back she pieced for this little quilt below.

Madelyn shared this pillow case electronically. She made it for a little girl who she felt needed a little happy added to her life.
Celia finished up this little project. So springy! I like the border effect - a rectangle and a square stitched together and then inverted, every other one.
Rozetta shared some of the projects she stitched up while away for the winter including their winter-home Christmas tree, a mini quilt for the microwave and pillow cases for her grandchildren.

--- plus a new tote or two.

Marty shared this fabulous bright quilt above. Below is the back she pieced from the scraps. Forgive the tipped pictures. We just installed a new computer last eve and I am still on the learning curve.
---- the back

Margaret shared the first half of a mail-order block of the month she is working on. Even prettier in person in the civil war prints.
Trish is making nine patches from this fun pack of layer cakes. She is preparing for a quilt retreat with cousins and aunts. They will each make the Hidden Nine Patch at their gathering. We'll look forward to seeing this one!


We closed our meeting with a couple block demos from Missouri Star Quilt Company. This first one is called Double Slice Layer Cake.  See a couple examples below.

This is a layer cake friendly pattern. Above see it done in the Think Pink fabrics.  Below is Jackie O's version from a layer cake of Christmas prints. 

We also had a demo of the Exploding Block. Both are such fun and quick blocks.
The All Iowa Shop Hop will be featuring solids again this year. Guests will pick up a free 6" square at each shop (the center of this block). Spend $10 during AISH and we will give you a fat quarter (the outside of this square). So, you may be watching this little quilt top grow into a big quilt. I'm thinking 9 blocks set together with a bright ombre fabric-----hmmm.

Next is was door prize drawing and refreshments. Bonnie was the winner this evening of 1 yard of fabric of her choosing.

Just for fun, our refreshments were Orio Cookies with flavored stuffing and milk.  Every month after Quilt Circle, I tell my husband the same thing - - - "We had such a nice time."

Monday, April 21, 2014

3 1/2" pre-cut strips

Just in - a few new pre-cuts from Riley Blake in a new size.  The strips are all cut 3 1/2".
This pastel grouping is called Sweet Home

With a French flair, this group is called Pepe' in Paris

And a patriotic grouping - - - Star Spangled.
Also from Riley Blake, these are 1 yard cuts from their new line, Little Ark. Very cute baby fabric.  Six, 1-yard cuts per bundle.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

May you have a peaceful day, celebrating with friends and family the meaning of Easter --- new beginnings - the sweet air of spring ---- life.

All Iowa Shop Hop

They (those who have volunteered to take it on) have updated the website with info about the June 2014 All Iowa Shop Hop. Skip on over there and see the new shop hop fabric. 

More prizes and more shops than ever. Sign up at the site to receive updates.

Note: The blocks you see are along the selvage edge and, if you look closely, you will see an actual map of Iowa printed as the background. Take a look.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Think Pink

I made this little comfort quilt from one package of 10" squares by Riley Blake called Think Pink. These packs include 12 squares and feature bras, flowers and words of encouragement.

The pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and is called Double Slice Layer Cake. See the tutorial on their website.

We have 5 kits available of this little quilt with a free instruction insert.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More new shop samples

Penny W has been doing some stitching for us. Above are a couple season table runners from Bloom Creek.  One pattern for both runners and this pattern comes complete with the Paper Pieces required to make a Dresden plate (center of Christmas holiday runner).  Good value!

Penny also made us this oven mitt pot holder. The quilt block section is a pocket so you can slip your hand inside.  This pattern comes with the option to make 6 different quilt blocks (each approximately 7"). Another good value.  Thank you, Penny!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is May 3 reserved on your calendar - - - -

- - - - for the Adel Chocolate Walk!!

Visit participating shops for a chocolate sample and recipe. Each shop will contribute a $50 value basket of gift items for a drawing at the end of the day.  Shop for mom, have lunch and dessert at local eateries and maybe win a fun prize for yourself!

see details at top left of blog page.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Gift for Mom

Give mom a hand-made gift. How about a card with a note that she will receive one of these each month? These are perfect to place on a side table and use like a coaster for a cup of tea.

 There is a pattern for each month of the year and we also have each available in kit. Pattern, front, back and binding for just $12.99 each.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Today is 4 1 4 1 4!

That means you should go to Adel today and visit the quilt shop! Of course, I think every date means that.

Here are a few new things you will see:
Lonnie has been busy on shop samples. She made the quilt above from hand dyed strips of ombre (color gradiates from one selvage edge to the other). Looks like an Easter quilt, doesn't it? Stunning - thanks Lonnie!

This is a family tree panel that Lonnie finished out. The panels include cut-outs for the little birds. You either ink or embroider you family names on the birdies and then place on a branch and stitch to the tree. Eventually, the banner across the bottom will read "Keeran Family"

Jenny O. made this cute quilt for us, also from ombre pre-cut fabrics. After quilting, it will have the floral binding as shown in this picture. Love it. Jenny picked up this kit on her way home from work one evening and dropped it back off the next morning on her way back to work. Such a sweet quilt. Thanks Jenny.

Part of my Sunday Sewday included this little bapron (a bib and an apron = bapron). 
New from Moda, these sewing prints - tape measure, thread spools, straight pins, snaps and zipper prints. Very fun.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hexie Coasters

A customer recently asked if we knew how to make coasters from hexagons.  We did not so, do a little "interweb" search.  We found a tutorial on a blog called Melinda Quilt's Etc. 

Here is the direct link to the page with the hexagon tutorial. 
You start with a package of pre-cut hexagons.  Moda calls these Honeycombs. From a pack of 40, you can make 5 coasters. Notice below, each packet comes with a hexie template so, you can cut more if needed.
For each hexie, choose two hexagons and place them wrong sides together for your base. Select 6 more hexies. Press each in half, wrong sides together and aligning two of the straight sides. 

Layer them on top in a spiral.  This is where you either need to stop by and let us show you or check Melinda's blog.  

After layering, stitch 1/4" from the outer edge, all the way around. Trim a little and turn the coaster inside out. Very Cute.
We have pre-cut hexies in stock in Moda's civil war print, Hope Chest, shown above as well as these selections in batik and in the more modern prints of From Outside In.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Open Sew Friday Pics

We always have such a great time at Open Sew. Some come for just Thursday, some for just Friday and some for both. Here are a few of the projects that were going on this week.

Sarah D, both above and below has been feeling kind of bright latetly! The quilt above is a log cabin variation and below is for a cat-loving friend.

 The large "sewing center" at the Adel Library is just a perfect space for us to gather and stitch. They call it the conference room but we all know it's really a sewing center :)  Above, Marti takes a turn at the ironing station and below, Celia is knocking out her braid blocks.

There is plenty of room to spread out and stitch or just sit and chat.

Wanda watched our demo on the hexie coaster and then whipped up a couple.

 Jean machine quilted this labyrinth quilt, using a cross-hatch design and a fleece blanket for the back.

Along with our show and tell, there's always a little show-how going on. Janet shows a drop in guest what she is doing with these bright and beautiful colors.

I was only there on Friday but felt good about getting these shop samples done. Two bags above (Jenny O - I ordered a bolt of this monster PUL) and this quilt below done in Riley Blakes breast cancer awareness fabric and using the Double Sliced Layer Cake pattern from Missouri Star Quilts. Fun.

I also finished the blocks for my red and white 10 Minute Block quilt but missed getting a picture. I'll show it when it's all done. Plus I put the binding on a large quilt. It was just a great day!

Rozetta stopped by and showed us her new apron, fashioned from a man's shirt. Too cute. PS, welcome home to Rozetta who has been sunning in the south all winter.